Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Future

We were recently lucky enough to get a job offer in Salt Lake. Dusty will be working for a heavy civil company named Kiewit. It wasn't a place we had ever considered or ever thought we'd end up there but we're thrilled to have gotten an offer period!


We went a couple weeks ago to some super sweet ice caves here in Rexburg with some of our only friends Paul and Rachel. It's actually the place Dusty and I had our second first kiss!
You can kinda see in the backround the ice. It's covering everything. The ceiling and floors and to get from place to place you sit and slide on this indented slides..SO FUN!
Dusty's sweet GIANT ice diamond he found.


Monday, November 3, 2008

For Cardon-it's only one more but its MORE! :)

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Our CHAMPIONSHIP Halloween!!

My 17 year old cousin, Lauren Smith, is an INCREDIBLE volleyball player for the Eagle Idaho Mustangs. She is the LIBERO! (that means she's a big deal; the only player in a different color shirt that saves everyone elses crappy plays) So this weekend her team came to Idaho Falls to play for the 5A Idaho State CHAMPIONSHIP!! Oh yeah-no big deal. So we went as her for Halloween! :)
FYI: THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After some serious close games-we're talking down by 2 games then came back to win 3 in a row! We lost our voices and are still a little coarse from screaming our faces off!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our summer in a nut shell

fishing in Jackson

still trying to fish....

an awesome broncos game vs. the cowboys- BRONCOS WON!

we took an awesome trip to CA and spent two days at disneyland with family and friends! SO FUN!

the summer was spent living in Jackson and we had a lot of fun visits from family

we were only able to hike half way up the hill behind out apt.

Dusty, Corry and Pat rafting down the creek behind our apt.

my family and us at the Bar J

Bird Banding with my family

We tried fishing-though we never-and still haven't ever caught anything

We lived so close to Yellowstone we had to experience it..this was the AMAZING mamoth hot springs

Old faithful

After that random trip the yellowstone we figured we keep driving and continued on to Mt. Rushmore. I thought it was only a few short hours drive--I WAS WAY WRONG!!! 9 hours later we reached it with our battery dead on our camera and were never able to get proof we were there. We spent about a half our then drive 10 hours home.

Wedding-better late then never

we are such natural born models.

believe it or not we are in love

leaving...for the third time.

one of my favorite sweet

notice the amazing flowers done by SHAWNTAE (my sister)

the brothers (we heard rumors after that they looked amish. oops)



walking out of the temple (moments before i riped a HUGE hole in my dress)

at the pier taking pictures and being gawked at by fellow tanners.

the day was so incredibly fun--but fast. We're so glad everyone was able to come and be there with us. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

California 08

So we went to CA for about 9 days. It was a MUCH MUCH needed vacation after our long summer in Jackson, WY. Dusty was working at an Excavating company putting in long hours and hard work. I was working at the Teton Science Schools with people who felt Entitled to EVERYTHING. We were so excited to go on vacation! We spent several days at the beach, we went to the ROCKIES/padres game, we went to Disneyland for 2 days! So fun!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

On Guard!

We FINALLY did it. We created a BLOG! dun dun dun. We miss you all and want to share our wonderful lives instead of always lookin at yours!