Monday, November 3, 2008

For Cardon-it's only one more but its MORE! :)

Show your friends how fast you are and include this code into your website:97 words

Typing Test


Cardon & Whitney said...

HOORAY! Cardon's so mad. He says, "I shall beat this"...what a dork. You are a little speedy fingers though, I'm impressed. Anyways, I love your blog woo woo! By the way, those are also great Halloween costumes, is Dusty wearing a wig?! ha.

Brandon and Erica said...

Holy type fast. It must've been all those AOL IMing days :)

P.S. You were a beautiful bride!

James and Taylor Brinkerhoff! said...

What the heck!!! I tried and I only got 56!!! slow. I felt like i was doing it fast. oh well. i will have to keep practicing.