Monday, October 12, 2009

First day at chruch!

her new way of sleeping

she's been such a trooper-laying on these stupid lights for HOURS for jaundice

aw daddy and eden

i just think this is funny...

the only picture of me i will put up because i don't look a THOUSAND pounds in it like all the others.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Code Blue Angel

Eden Aftyn Adams!!
9/25/09 3:52 PM-then again at 4:02 PM
6 lbs 14 oz, 18 inches long (i think) :)

Lots of people having been asking about how things happened and what exactly happened so I figured now that I'm emotionally more stable I would tell you all about it! :) From about 28 weeks I have been aware that she was very breech. I constantly felt a head under my right ribs--after several weeks of trying things such as laying upside down on the couch, putting music down low, put ice on her head (that one was really mean) we finally had to schedule a version. Where they go in and turn her. I had heard several horror stories about how badly it hurt but also heard from several people that it jump started their labor so I was totally up for it!! We went in on a Friday when I was 36 weeks for the big turn and to our surprise the Dr. said she was just too little and didn't feel comfortable turning her. He went on to say because she was so little (he was estimating that she was about 5 lbs 4 oz) he felt we needed to schedule a C-Section for the very next week to get her out...I was bummed about not being able to have her naturally but all for getting her out!

So the big day came and our mom's were here. We arrived at the hospital an hour and a half early as told to get hooked up to iv's and monitored. After being pushed back an hour or so and having 6 bags of fluid pumped into me we were ready to go. Dusty threw on the operating garb and I made the walk to the room. I got the Epidural. (which I was the most nervous about) It was nothing, I was thrilled-the worst in my head was over! So I layed down and it started..pulling and tugging and cutting - Dusty watched the entire thing and kept leaning down saying "Can you FEEL that!!!?" Totally freaking me out at what was going on. Then the big moment came. The dr said here she comes but then there was just silence. No crying no nothing. They had warned us the C-Section babies take longer to cry because there is no real forceful entry into the world so we weren't to freaked out just yet. Dusty even jumped up and started taking pictures. (I won't put any of you through seeing those) After about a minute he stopped and we realized there was a problem. There was still no crying and she was blue. One nurse was doing CPR and the other was frantically calling a Code Blue and calling for a Crash Cart. I realized there was a serious problem when every person working on me stopped and all eyes and hands, besides the two surgeons, were on her. My nurse, my anesthesiologist and everyone rushed to help her breathe. Even the two surgeons had their attention focused on her shouting out suggestions of things to try to get her to breathe. Tons of other nurses flooded in the room and began doing things. One was announcing for the record what they were doing and the time, others were doing CPR, one was shoving tubes down her throat and another was trying to give her oxygen. There was so much going on and for such a ridiculously long time I honestly thought she was dead and not coming back. The thought even crossed my mind that the lady announcing the time was going to say time of death at any moment. I didn't watch a lot of it mainly because I was emotionally overloaded. I just couldn't imagine watching my baby, that I hadn't even really seen yet, die. Only a couple minutes earlier we were at the peak of our excitement in life, about to meet our first baby and suddenly we were at the absolute depths of our low.

After about ten LONG minutes they got her to breathe-she slowly turned pink though we never did hear a cry. They quickly wrapped her up gave her to Dusty to pose for a quick seen below...then whisked her away with Dusty to be evaluated and taken to the NICU. I was left behind to figure out what the heck just happened, all alone, while being sewed up. Luckily I had the best nurse EVER and she had been with me long enough that day to feel out my sense of humor and she very quickly sat down next to me wiped away my massive amounts of tears and said "Wow I guess I didn't prepare you for that scenario! My bad!" Totally cracking a joke and making me laugh.

I was eventually wheeled back into my room where I met my crying mother who all along had heard the announcements over the hospital speaker and had NO idea what and who was having problems. At first they announced over the intercom that 2 crash carts were needed in room 3 so she thought both me and the baby were dying....poor, poor mother.....sat there sobbing waiting for someone to finally go get her information!

Dusty came into my room about 20 minutes later with the NICU nurse to update me that she was stable and doing ok though hooked up to tons of machines and oxygen and what not. I was eventually able to go and see her that night in my hospital bed which was great! And Dusty and his brother Danny gave her an awesome blessing.

To make a long story short she stayed in the NICU for about 2 days then was released to come into our room with us and then released to come home with us the next day!! The dr's still don't quite know what her deal was. She had massive amounts of gunk in her lungs she just couldn't get out. My dad's theory is that she came out- saw it was us that she had been sent to and quickly retreated back to up to heaven to argue that she had NOT signed up for having to live with me and Dusty! Then after much convincing came back down ten minutes later. Probably true.

Either way, words cannot describe how grateful Dusty and I are that she did decide to come back. :) She is our little Code Blue Angel and we don't know what we would have done without her!! We, also, cannot thank everyone enough for all your prayers!! They worked and we feel so blessed so many people out there love us enough to keep us in their prayers! Thank you!!

The End! :)
grandma shawnana

grandma D

Aunt Shawntanana