Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our summer in a nut shell

fishing in Jackson

still trying to fish....

an awesome broncos game vs. the cowboys- BRONCOS WON!

we took an awesome trip to CA and spent two days at disneyland with family and friends! SO FUN!

the summer was spent living in Jackson and we had a lot of fun visits from family

we were only able to hike half way up the hill behind out apt.

Dusty, Corry and Pat rafting down the creek behind our apt.

my family and us at the Bar J

Bird Banding with my family

We tried fishing-though we never-and still haven't ever caught anything

We lived so close to Yellowstone we had to experience it..this was the AMAZING mamoth hot springs

Old faithful

After that random trip the yellowstone we figured we keep driving and continued on to Mt. Rushmore. I thought it was only a few short hours drive--I WAS WAY WRONG!!! 9 hours later we reached it with our battery dead on our camera and were never able to get proof we were there. We spent about a half our then drive 10 hours home.


alex said...

yay for disneyland!!! (and sneaking into california adventure!)

James and Taylor Brinkerhoff! said...

Ummmm. I almost forgot what I was going to say. But I didn't. In the photo with your family at the Bar J.. Everyone looks so great. Thats all.