Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Bashes Squared!

Hello!! I am happy to announce my child, Eden, has turned ONE!---twice!! We had two parties for her in two places.
First was the Utah party on her actual brithday:
it was a noodle theme..thus there were oodles, and oodles, and oodles of noodles!
I was also very proud of the gross spaghetti and meatballs cupcakes...yes it was all sweet things!

"YAY new PJS!"

She got a beautiful new necklace!

And a new doll!

And she LOVED her tent and tunnel!

Notice she was in there naked?!

Oh yes....just playin without a care in the world!

Party #2-Colorado!!

Got Milk!?

Merik really wanted to eat it the same way Eden did!


Every new present she opened she opened her mouth and went "Ooo!"

Ha he is such a good present sharer/reader!

SHe thought these puppets were too funny!

Our plane ride home after the second awesome birthday bash!

The End! Eden is finally one! Now if she would just start walking!! Thanks to everyone who came and for all the awesome gifts!!


Shawntae said...

HAHA So cute! That picture of Merik is hysterical-dork! Why wwas she naked again?

Chelsey said...

So cute!! I love the picture of Merik eating the cupcake and Shawntae's facial expression in the background!

Dusty and Joslin said...

oh you's funner to crawl through tubes naked...that and i started changing her and she very VERY quickly crawled into the tube away from me.

Brad and Kristi said...

So So cute!

Taylor! said...

Awww! So fun!! I wish I was there!!! I cannot believe she is already one! I feel like it went by so fast!