Friday, January 8, 2010

Our 3 month old can stand on her own....can yours!?

This is the stinkers new way of putting her self to sleep---thumb sucker..just like her mom

ok ok so maybe she's slightly resting on the couch but still--look at that face--she totally thinks she's grown up! :)

Bath time is really the best!


Shawntae said...

those are hilarious! and no my 3 month old's couldn't stand by themselves...big deal!

Rachael said...

Man she's got some powerfull legs to hold her up at that age. Just leave it to her to do that considering what she went through. GOOD JOB Eden!!!

Chelsey said...

That is pretty amazing...even if she is getting a little help from the couch! You have a prodigy on your hands!

alex said...

are you kidding? reese was doing somersaults at three months.. c'mon guys.. you have got to step up your game!! (but seriously that couch pic you can't even tell she's leaning.. its pretty awesome)